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How to get a Strong Fruit TreeEdit

To obtain this fruit, you must have 1: a Chao that earned a garden shovel and a water can from the beginner races. Then, at the Black Market located at the Chao Kindergarden, buy a strong seed, which costs 500 rings.

After you obtain a Strong Seed, go back to the Chao Garden where you want to plant your seed, give it a Chao who has earned a garden shovel and a watering can, and the Chao will pick it up, a question mark should appear on its head, and then it'll walk to find a spot to plant the seed.

(note: this may take a while, so be patient)

When the Chao finds a good spot to plant the seed, it'll dig up some ground, place the seed in it, water it, and the do a dance. A baby strong tree will come out, wait for a bit, and it'll turn big enough for it to bear fruit.

Effects of Strong FruitEdit

When a chao eats this fruit 10 minutes are added to its life.

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