Jewel Chao: IntroductionEdit

Jewel chao are a type of chao that are shiny, but look more metallic than glossy,

There are 11 Jewel Chao. These Chao can only be obtained in Sonic Adventure/DX, or the Gameboy Advance "Tiny Chao Garden". However, they can be transferred to Sonic Adventure 2 through VMU or Gameboy Advance. They aren't immortal but they're rare and have a higher skill rank than other chao.


In Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX, there are jewel eggs you can find and bring back to your chao garden on two adventure fields.

Gold egg: Found in the shop in Station Square near the area where Sonic fought Chaos Zero. To obtain, find a egg shaped stone where Sonic fought Chaos Zero, bring it to the shop, and switch it with the golden egg.

Silver Egg: Found in Mystic Ruins by the waterfall. To obtain, find a button in the lake near the area where Knuckles is fought, and push it in. A silver egg will then fall into the lake and when it washes up, you can grab it.

Moon Chao Edit

This is a chao that is purple. It is not possible to obtain except by hacking. Moon chao was once believed to be a event like the Amy and Knuckles chao.