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What Are They?Edit

Chaos Drives are cylinder-shaped items that appear in Sonic Adventure 2. They are contained inside the G.U.N. robots in the various stages of the game. By destroying a robot, a Chaos Drive will appear and remain floating in the air unless picked up (which can be done by simply touching it).


Chaos Drives can be brought to the Chao Gardens and given to Chao to increase their skills. The skill that the Chaos Drive raises depends on the color of the Chaos Drive.

While playing as Tails or Eggman, picking up a Chaos Drive will replenish a small amount of your walker's health.


Chaos Drives can be found in four different colors. Each color raises a different skill when given to a Chao. When obtaining a Chaos Drive from an enemy, the color is chosen randomly.

Red Drive
Pink Drive

A red Chaos Drive will raise a Chao's Power.

Yellow Drive
Yellow Drive

A yellow Chaos Drives will raise a Chao's Swim.

Green Drive
Green Drive

A green Chaos Drive will raise a Chao's Run.

Purple Drive
Purple Drive

A purple Chaos Drive will raise a Chao's Fly.

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