The Chao Stadium is located behind the waterfall in the chao garden. Once you enter you have two options, Chao Karate or Chao Race

Chao RaceEdit

In chao race you have two different types of races to choose from, Beginner Race and Party Race. To unlock Jewel Race and Challenge Race you have to complete Beginner Race . You can also win prizes by coming first in these races.

Beginner RaceEdit

Crab Pool (Based on Swimming) Prize:Shovel

Stump Valley (Based on Flying) Prize:Watering Can

Mushroom Forest ( Based on Running) Prize:Rattle Toy

Block Canyon (Based on Power) Prize:Car Toy

Jewel RaceEdit

Aquamarine (Based on Swimming)Prize:Sonic Doll

Topaz (Based on Flying) Prize:Broom

Peridot (Based on Running) Prize:Picture Book

Garnet (Based on Power) Prize:Pogo Stick

Onyx ( Based on Intellegence and Luck)Prize:Crayons

Diamond ( Based on everything) Prize: Bubble Blowing Set

Challenge RaceEdit