Basic Backround:Edit

Every chao lives in a purifed natural area untouched by outside forces, known as Chao Gardens. In a chao garden time only passes when you are present, so leave to another chao garden and the previous garden's chao will NOT age. Most Chao Gardens carry 1-2 chao eggs at the start.

Chao Garden Apperances:Edit

Chao garden appear in many Sonic Games:

Sonic Adventure (PC,Dreamcast,XBL,PSN,Gamecube):Edit


Nomal Chao Garden: Found in Station Square's Elevators. A Tile floor with a pool, containing the chao Races and Black Market.


Egg Carrier Chao Garden

Egg Carrier Chao Garden: On the lower level of the carrier spell EGGMAN.

An Island Resort and a crashed Nuclear Missle

No Pic Currently Mystic Runes Chao Garden: Near tails work shop in a cave during Knux and Sonic's levels.

A waterfall, rocks and small river.

Sonic Adventure 2 (PC, Gamecube, Dreamcast):Edit


Chao Garden

Chao Garden Normal: Automaticly unlocked. Contains Chao Races, along with Coconut Trees and a waterfall pool.


Hero Chao Garden: The Largest Pool in-game, with a outlook, and yellow fruit trees. unlocked when a hero chao is born.

File:Chao dark garden.png

Dark garden: Equiped with the every-day headstones, blood pool, and dead tree with a cage. unlocked when a dark chao is born.

Pinball Party(Gameboy, DS):Edit


Mini Chao Garden

The Mini Chao Garden: Used for transporting rasing, and buying all chao including, Jewel chao!