Chao are creatures that are raised in the Chao Garden, They hatch from eggs, found in the garden and the black
market. They can have many emotions, evolve into 3 alignment's, and even breed with a complex genetic system.

Appearance Edit

Chao are small creatures with spherical bodys, they have stubby arms, small feet, and wings. The heads of chao have emotion balls on top that change shape depending on which emotion the chao is feeling. The chao you get in the eggs included with the first garden are called Two-Tone Normal Chao. They are colored light blue, have pink wings, and yellow coloring on the ends of there hands, feet, and head.

Evolution Edit

After a certain time, a chao will go into a cocoon, and evolve. Chao have many different appearances, that require different conditions in evolution to get. A chao's appearance after evolution may depend on the dominating stat. For example, if a chao has been given more Animals or Chaos drives with the run stat than with the swim stat, it will evolve into a Run chao.

Alignment Edit

Chao also have 3 different alignments. Neutral, Hero, and Dark. For example, If a chao is raised with respect and love by a hero character, it will turn white shortly before evolving and evolve into a hero chao. Hero chao are white, and have halo's for emotion balls. Dark chao can be evolved the same way, except use dark side characters. Dark chao are black, have angry eyes, and a spikeball for the emotion ball. Neutral chao, however, are made by raising a chao with both dark and hero characters. They look like when they were born, but bigger and the yellow parts will become green.


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